You Can't Out Train A Bad Diet


This one goes out to all of you who train to lose body fat. Yes, you! Before you retreat into denial, read this...

I keep on saying this to clients: you cannot out train a bad diet.  If you find it frustrating to hear this, it’s nothing compared to the frustration that I experience. It feels like one of those redundant conversations you have with your kids about their behaviour. “Little Jonnie, when your father calls you, make sure you answer the phone!” Little Jonnie knows that he should answer the phone, but doesn't anyway. And then he wonders why his parents are always on his ass.

This is exactly the same thing that happens when your trainer tells you that you cannot out train a bad diet. You choose to ignore the advice, and then wonder why you aren’t achieving your body image goals like you hoped.

There is a point to this rant…

I want to make you realise that the body you want is achieved from the 23 hours you are not training in the studio. These 23 hours have a far greater impact on your physicality, capacity to train and overall health than your 1 hour workout. However, it’s these 23 hours that are the most difficult to attack.

During your one hour workout you have your trainer with you to provide you with guidance, assistance, support, and motivation. As for those other 23 hours? You’re on your own. You have to provide the structure. You have to exercise your willpower to achieve. You have to be self-disciplined. For those 23 hours, the responsibility for your weight loss resides with you.

It is always your efforts that produce results when it comes to your body. We are very good at lying to ourselves. We give up way to easily. We wallow in denial. Especially when a salted caramel donut is placed in front of us.

Stop bullshitting yourself. Deep down, you know exactly why you are not getting the changes to your body you want. It is because you are not putting in the effort. Forget the excuses. If you were putting in the effort, you would be seeing the results in your clothes and in the mirror.

In this world of instant gratification people are simply not willing to put in the effort to see results. Even when you are given the structure! You want instant results, without real consistent effort. You think that after 2 weeks of not eating shit, a six pack will appear. Think again.

So here is the deal: you want results? Stick to the following FOREVER:

1. Do not eat shit.

2. Be consistent.

It is that fricking simple.

There is absolutely no excuse for making it difficult for yourself.

Once you gain momentum in staying consistent with your eating habits, you will then be able to see changes. You will establish a baseline from which you will make the modifications you want. It is this long term consistency that will see you understanding your body better and arriving at the destination of your goal.

This one is a short one, guys. It might sound harsh, but I wrote it because I want to see you achieving your goals. I know you want to achieve you goals, but there is no easy route. If there is a "BUT" about why you cannot achieve your goals then you need to realise that you want the "BUT" more than you want the lack of a BUTT.


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