The Ox Box Method is inherently rooted in General Physical Preparedness (GPP). Going to the toilet is a squat, putting something on the shelf is a press, picking up your grocery bags is a deadlift and a farmer’s carry, a muscle-up is for when the zombies come and a handstand is an Instagram get the picture.

The goal becomes less about destroying ourselves on a day to day basis, and more about becoming our best selves...simply, doing less, but better.

Our Metcons are designed for health, with a long term, well-rounded approach at the heart of what we do. There is no gymnastic bias, strength bias, or conditioning bias, it’s a long term functionality and capability bias. The test is having sex at 80 years old.

There are a few ways we set about achieving this:

  • Embracing variance. If a barbell is a hammer, a kettlebell is a chisel, and dumbbell as a screwdriver, we recognise that these are all fantastic tools...but separately they are incapable of completing all jobs. The goal is to expand our toolbox.

  • Removing ego. Scaling is cool. In fact, scaling is a necessity when we are striving for longevity. It prevents injury and plateauing, provokes enjoyment, and preserves the stimulus. 

  • Effective programming. Programs and workouts do not need to be flashy for the sake of it. We start but finding our intended stimulus and desired result, and then we decide the best way to achieve it. This ensures progression is valued over complexity.

  • Beginners mindset. Having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner would.

  • Thoughtful strength progressions. Strict before kipping, technique before loading, and fundamentals before the advanced. We provide the logical and safe progressions from the most basic to the most complex variation of each movement pattern. Tried and tested over 7 years, on both ourselves and our athletes.

  • Having fun. Let’s turn up the tunes, banter with our classmates, and throw some weight around.

If none of this makes sense, that’s okay, everyone is a beginner at some point. Leave the jargon and the know-how to us, come in with a smile, listen to your coaches, and reap the rewards. We hope you enjoy it, and welcome to the community.