New Program - PLATFORM

We are excited to present the newest kid on the block to The Ox Box schedule…. PLATFORM. Allowing The Ox Box to continue to support all of our athletes in becoming the Healthiest and Fittest versions of themselves.

Platform is now available for booking via WODIFY. Platform is also the housing for our additional tier of programming that supports our students who are looking to compete in local competitions. This tier of Programming is called Ox Box Savage Unit or OBSU for short. PS the newest cycle of OBSU is set to commence on 1st July 2019 when the paradigm shifts and The Ox Box Method cycle 3 commences. If what i am writing does not make sense to you, feel free to read this article for more info.

Who can book Platform?

Platform is available for all students and thus all students can book a Platform. As it is unsupervised, personal responsibility is a must, so we humble request that you are alway aware of your surrounds and respect ALL other athletes in the studio.

What can i do during my Platform reservation?

  • Additional programming provided to you by a coach. Everything from your rehab program to accessory work to achieve your first muscle up

  • Completion of “OBSU” our competition tier of program that compliments the regular CrossFit Classes

  • Additional strength or olympic lifting work or maybe some flexibility and mobility work

Why is Platform ?

Our goal is to guide and inspire all of our community to be the best possible version of themselves. How do we look after our brand new students to the studio while also supporting our long standing students in their health and fitness? This is a very tricky balance and it is our help that Platform helps find this.

Platform gives flexibility to all of our athletes to be able to do more if they desire and allows The Ox Box to support this goal.

PLATFORM Service Rules

  1. One person per lifting station.

  2. Reservation entitles you to one hour of lifting.

  3. Reservation required - Do not rock up

  4. Standard No Show and Late Cancellation penalties apply

  5. All classes and Private Coaching sessions have PRIORITY over equipment


Platform is not a RIGHT of membership at The Ox Box but a gift from The Ox Box to you. Thus, failure to be anything but respectful to ALL athletes and coaches to have the opportunity to utilise the studio for your continued health and fitness goals will not be tolerated. Reservation abuse will be result in temporary or permanent suspension.

Outside of that, we hope you enjoy it :)

Bookings are now available for your pleasure.

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