New Timetable : March - May 2019


Thanks to a massive amount of feedback collected over the last few months (Dec-Feb) we have made some adjustments to the overall schedule that will be running throughout our next 13-week training cycle which commences on Monday 4th March 2019.

The most significant challenge we face is the size of our studio. Moving is not an option currently, so we need to try to maximise the usage of our beautiful space. We are going to see how this new timetable works as a tester, it may stay as a permeant fixture, or may morph again slightly after the 13 weeks is up. The team analysing what works and what doesn’t, coupled with your feedback, will be valuable to us in seeing how these changes affect the studio.

Current Priority - More Classes

Our most consistent feedback has been around increasing the amount of CrossFit Classes that are run throughout the week, to support this most consistent feedback we have made the following adjustments:

  • We now have Mon-Fri 7:30 am CrossFit Classes.

  • We have added 6:30 pm CrossFit Class on Tuesdays and Thursday.

  • This has meant that we need to move our specialty class to 7:30 pm. We understand that this will impact some athletes, but we have to try.

These changes have meant that we have added 72 hours of class availability to our schedule for our athletes which is a significant improvement.

Our Next Priority - More Open Gym

We know an increase of open gym availability is a desired addition… We are playing around with more Open Gym Times. However, we have some complexity to deal with and would love your thoughts and ideas.

There is a distinction between Open Gym types.

  • Open Gym - Coach Assisted

    • This is what we have currently (we do not have issues with this one)

  • Open Gym - Coach Unassisted

    • This is where you would book/use the space while a class is running without assistance from a coach (due to space, we do have issues with this one)

Coach Unassisted Open Gym is whereby you would come in to the studio to complete your own programming given to you by our coaches, such as working on specific drills. Completing our additional programming tier of OBSU (Ox Box Special Unit)

This would happen while classes and Private Coaching sessions are running. The complexity here is that we need to manage the space, with the focus on it not affecting other athletes.

Here are some of the issues

  • Do we have a booking system to make sure the gym is not crazy full of people

  • If we have a booking system, then people are not able to stay after class to use the space to train/move if the area is full

  • Who gets to train in those Open Gym sessions if we do have a booking system, we need to make this fair and safe.

  • If we have these open gym slots how does it impact classes and private coaching sessions, with 18 people and two private coaching sessions going there is little to no space.

We would love to hear your ideas and feedback here so we can start getting the ball rolling here.

Future Priority

  • Sunday Classes

  • Additional Mobility Classes

As always guys, the more feedback we receive from you, the better we can effect change in the positive. Looking forward to a rocking 13 weeks and getting some more Open Gym times added to our new schedule and looking forward to your ideas.

Founder/Head Coach

Joshua Hromis

Coach JComment