Masters League

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Masters League at The Ox Box, being held over 4 weeks in May and first week of June.

Participating athletes will have the opportunity to get the WOD done at Friday Open Gym, Saturday-after scheduled classes or by individual arrangements between the athlete and Coach Ren.


Whats Masters League all about?


The Masters League has provided an opportunity for us to support athletes in celebrate their training achievements by inviting them to compete and realize their full potential.


Participating athletes can compete at any level, beginner through to advanced, hard work should be recognized at every level and everyone should have their chance to shine.


The masters category within our sport is thriving yet there are still too few opportunities to compete, the Masters League motivates you by providing a competition to train towards winning a good place in your division and also the chance to promote yourself to the next division the following year.


The competitions are fun, non-intimidating and the needs of masters athletes have been carefully reflected in the programming. Factors that influence training and performance are carefully considered; busy lives, family commitments and recovery. For example, plenty of time is provided to perform the open workouts and competitions are 1-day family friendly events.


So, if your 35+, get registered for the 4 week online competition and join your Ox Box fambam in a celebration of your health and fitness.